Three Counties Spirits Co - Wholesale

Wholesale, to the hospitality and retail trades is at the heart of what we do at Three Counties Spirits Co. Having spent that majority of my adult life working as a chef and then as a restaurateur, owning and running two restaurants, I have a unique perspective on distilling. I come at the production process from the chef's perspective, focusing hugely on the flavour over margin. Then there's the businesses side knowing that I need to provide a quality product at a price that delivers a margin to both of us.

  • Quality

    We put the quality of our spirits above margin. We only use whole ingredients throughout the process. Creating our spirits from scratch in our Milton Keynes distillery.

    We don't use any fake additives such as colourings or flavours. All of our flavoured spirits include the real thing and our darker spirits get their colour from either homemade caramel or molasses.

  • Value

    Having been in the hospitality business myself I understand the need for a product that delivers a margin. We achieve this by working directly with our customers. Removing an unnecessary middle link with wholesalers allows us to offer you the best price possible.

  • No Bull$h!t

    This No Bull$h!t ethos extends past the lack of fake additives in our drinks. It also features in how we conduct our business. We have a set price for our products that you can see below and this doesn't move. There are no kick backs or retros and no free products. If our spirits aren't good enough for you to want to use them as they are then we're not the right match for you.

  • Product

    Landlocked English White Rum

    Landlocked English Navy Rum

    Landlocked English Spiced Rum

    Landlocked English Pineapple Rum

    Landlocked English Tangerine Rum

    Landlocked English Dark Spiced Rum

    Veloura Cold Brew Liqueur

    Three Counties Cocktails (500ml only)

  • 700ml Bottle









  • 2000ml Poly Pouch









We will do our best to work with you over the first few months to gauge demand. The last thing we want is to run out and not be able to fulfil an order.

We don't have a minimum order requirement.

Orders for six bottles or under will incur a £6.00 delivery charge. Order for over six bottles will get free delivery on their order.

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