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Landlocked English Pineapple Rum

Landlocked English Pineapple Rum

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Rich and complex with the undertones of roasted pineapple and caramel. This unique rum features our coal spit roasted pineapple infused caramel, blended with pineapple olio and our signature Landlocked rum. 

Don’t expect sweet, fresh pineapples here but a deep, warming flavour with hints of smoke. Perfect in any pineapple cocktails like the classic pina colada. Equally divine on ice with a clean, neutral tonic water.

  • Pure sugarcane molasses rum
  • Fermented and distilled in our Fenny Stratford distillery
  • Double pot still distilled
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • 42% Abv
  • 700ml, 200ml and 50ml bottles



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

.... I don't think I need say more!

Enough said! Thank you so much Penny for the review and the support, it means the world! Luke

Louise Blyth
Pineapple rum

I really enjoyed this pineapple flavoured rum and would definitely buy again.The reason for 4stars instead of 5 stars was only because I ordered the tangerine rum too and that for me was even more yummy.

Thanks so much for your reivew Louise! I can't really complain at the pineapple being marked down becuase the Tangerine was that mch better. So glad you like them both! Luke

Anna-Marie Sanders
Pineapple Rum

Absolutely lovely 😍

Ah thank you so much! Luke


This rum is really good!! I don’t usually drink rum neat but the flavour of the pineapple in this is warm and caramelly (new word alert!) I’ve only tried a free 5ml sample but I’ll deffo be buying a bottle!!!

Thanks so much for your review! So glad you liked the pineapple rum, can't wait to send you some more. Luke

No Place for Pineapple on a Pizza

But in a rum, well that's an entirely different matter - possibly the fruitiest rum I've ever tasted - can't praise it highly enough, so ditch the pizza, grab the rum !!!

Absolutely love this! Although I'm sorry to say I do like pineapple on a pizza....sorry! So glad you love the rum, thank you for the review. Luke

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