Our Story

Welcome to Three Counties Spirits Co., founded by husband and wife team Luke and Fiona Garnsworthy. With Luke's culinary expertise and a legacy rooted in hospitality, we craft exceptional small batch spirits. Our journey begins with Landlocked Rum, and our vision extends to diverse spirit styles. Join us on this legacy-building adventure!

Welcome to Three Counties Spirits Co., where the art of craftsmanship meets the passion for exceptional spirits. Nestled just outside Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, our journey began with a shared dream and the culinary expertise of husband and wife team, Luke and Fiona Garnsworthy.

As a small batch distillery, our story starts with our beloved Landlocked Rum – a molasses-based masterpiece meticulously handcrafted by Luke himself. From fermenting the molasses to double distilling, every step is infused with care and dedication, resulting in a range of four exceptional rums: the classic white, bold Navy, warming spiced, and deep pineapple. Luke's background as a chef, with experiences alongside culinary luminaries like Marcus Wareing, Heston Blumenthal, and the iconic Savoy Hotel, has been the driving force behind our quest for unrivalled flavour.

But that's just the beginning. Our vision extends beyond rum; we're set to expand into an array of spirit styles, including bourbon-style whiskey and many more exciting flavours.

Co-founder & Distiller

Meet Luke Garnsworthy, the heart and soul of Three Counties Spirits Co. With a family heritage deeply rooted in hospitality spanning five generations, Luke's culinary journey led him to create memorable dining experiences.

From launching his first restaurant, a 10-seat chef's table, to the growth of Crockers Tring and Crockers Henley, Luke's passion for crafting exceptional experiences has always shone through.

However, the challenges of the pandemic brought new opportunities, and Luke's longtime dream of crafting outstanding rum took center stage. Months of dedication, learning, and preparation culminated in September 2023, when we received the green light from HMRC to start production.

As we embark on this exciting adventure, we aim to create not just incredible spirits but also a lasting family legacy for Luke's children. Join us on this flavorful journey and become part of the Three Counties Spirits Co. story. Cheers to craftsmanship, passion, and the pursuit of excellence.